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Energy, vision, passion and experience. Constantly evolving. Starting from nothing and creating something with impact. Making you feel something. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. From developing, creating and producing original content to providing production services to content providers worldwide Xlerator Media Group and its founding company Forti/Layne Entertainment have been serving clients worldwide for over 25 years.  Our alliances in the production community run deep. We’ve been contracted to produce it or direct it. Shoot it or edit it….or all of the above. Together with a wide range of production partners and alliances from Miami, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco Xlerator delivers.


Xlerator Media Group is an award winning video production company serving the US, Caribbean, Latin America and the UK. A subsidiary of Forti/Layne Entertainment, XLMG creates original content as well as provides production services in a turnkey operation.


As a full service production company Xlerator Media Group offers a wide variety of production services from providing crews, equipment, location scouting, casting and postproduction. We provide services for out of town or out of the country production companies or networks that look to take advantage of what South Florida has to offer. Clients include: CBS, NBC, IMG, Viacom, EONE, Vh-1, MTV, Spike, Nickelodeon, United Way, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Miami Heat.

We’ve filmed Paul McCartney, Prince, Shakira, Pitbull, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, President Barack Obama, Shaquille O’Neil, P Diddy and a few more.

Kevin Layne

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Who is Kevin Layne?



I’m a storyteller, director of photography, director and producer. I create compelling content and moments with my team. I am the founder of Xlerator Media Group and co-founder of Forti/Layne Entertainment.


I came up thru the ranks as a freelance cameraman/editor with MTV’s “The Men In The Blue Suits” then evolved into a music video director/dp. Gloria and Emilio Estefan gave Brian Forti and I our first big break as Forti/Layne on the national/international stage. I (and an amazing compositing team from Limelite Video in Miami) put Gloria on the moon in the VH-1 Hall of Fame winning “Live For Loving You” music video and put together multiple award winning concert specials for them along with my team. We helped Jon Secada become a household name by directing his award winning #1 release Just Another Day in English and Spanish as well as directed or dp’d videos for Lissett Melendez, Naji, David Guetta, Kid Cudi and Kevin Rudolph to name a few. My lighting skills helped me be Shakira and Sony Music’s go to call when the international superstar went on the road worldwide to promote her latest record while my photographic skills helped communicate the poverty in her native land and the difference a superstar can really make in the world.


My skill sets have evolved over the years. As a director/dp I have filmed with a crew of 100 and with a crew of 2, everything from feature length documentaries to reality shows, music vids to commercials and marketing presentations. My work has led The NBC Nightly News and closed Entertainment Tonight. I’ve done branded entertainment as well as Superbowl’s Greatest Commercials for IMG. I have filmed Sir Paul at a piano playing for just us (and VH-1) as he prepared for his world tour. My recent dp work on Bellator’s “In Focus” series highlighting MMA fighter Dada 5000 and Daniel Straus gives you a real feel for the hood and the ones trying desperately to fight their way out of it. I have shot countless Behind The Music’s, VH-1’s iconic series. I have worked with Brittany Spears promoting Pepsi and P Diddy talking about Biggie and their relationship in the A and E doc “The Life of Notorious B.I.G.” I have run and gun with Lil Wayne, Baby and Cash Money Records before and after prison with Bugatti’s and AK47’s in tow.


As a 20 + year multi-camera director, productions have taken me across the globe to such places as China, Sweden, Russia, Toronto and Guatemala as well as domestic shows here in the states. Directing music, musical theater, comedy and talk shows are all in my toolkit for Tidal X, PBS, Image Entertainment, BET and Showtime. I love the multi camera vibe as it’s as ephemeral as life itself. And I have gotten the opportunity of working with many of my production allys and friends in doing so. Like in Russia with International Media, with 15 cameras and a lot of toys. Like in Miami, when a Tidal X show went live with Rick Ross and friends (with North Beach Media) or Hard Rocks 100th anniversary of Miami Beach’s mega concert in front of 50,000 was happening with my buds at Accord.  Or with the SW Group and “The Queen of Comedy” Sommore for Showtime. I directed over 300 episodes for Cartelera Pepsi and Pepsi Musica a Latin music series for Pepsi working with the best names in Latin music distributed through out the US and Latin America… throw in some awesome classic rock DVD shows and a live Stevie Nicks performance of “Stand Back” on the pre game show for Super Bowl XLI I directed for CBS.


My producing/directing/storyteller work has included award winning music and documentary specials for Gloria Estefan and Jon Secada, 10 documentaries/specials with William Shatner seen on Netflix, BBC America and in Canada as well as the Tribeca premiered “For The Love of Spock” airing on Netflix, which I produced and was the Director of Photography on. How about the award winning “The Last Survivor” the beautifully put together social awareness doc I shot for Righteous Pictures. Oh and a $1.4 million dollar, 25 day production in San Francisco with fast cars, wing suited free fallers, helicopters and a crew of 60 that we produced with EP/Producer Brian Forti for TV Globo, Brazil’s biggest Network.


What I love the most are the opportunities I have had in bringing viewers into the world of superstars, everyday people as well as the less fortunate whose stories and the insight it brings touches the hearts in even the toughest of souls.


Each time I’m involved in a project big or small, I bring my heart, energy and all those

experiences with me.

It’s what I do; it’s who I am.


Kevin Layne






“…there were points where I felt like I was suffocating, I didn’t know how to make ends meet and I was feeling so vulnerable and scare.”

United Way Campaign Film

Nicole Crooks


We love to communicate the human condition. We are all storytellers…but in the context of media and communication, we have done it for a variety of individuals, networks and organizations…all successfully. From pop stars and actors to organizations needing to raise awareness or raise funds to keep their important work going our work achieves the goals set by illuminating, educating, entertaining and making people feel a connection to what they’re watching, something that they hadn’t felt before. From a pure art form point of view, it is one of the most rewarding things we do. From a business sense, it raises awareness and interest with samples sizes ranging from social media :10 to :90 second versions to full length 90 minute documentaries. We have spent a professional lifetime creating pieces that are memorable, effective and hopefully… inspiring.



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